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Wednesday Comic Reviews!

Joe, Tom, and John review Marvels new "Marvel Now" comic book titles and discuss whether or not it will attract new readers to comics and what else the comic book industry can do to become more main stream. They also discuss their thoughts on the new directions their favorite characters are being taken and the storylines being crafted by the current writers and artist.

Our next show will be available August 14th

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Updated (6/7/2015)

Historical Comic Reviews!

Joe, Tom, and John travel back through time to the 1960s; the decade in which the modern comic was birthed by Stan Lee. The cast will attempt to review Marvels mightiest heroes from their first appearance to their current incarnation today. They will also discuss how comics have changed over the years, the epic storylines of the past, and hopefully learn a great deal of marvel comic book lore along the way.

Our next show will be August 28th!

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Updated (7/18/2015)

Indy Comic Reviews!

Joe, Tom, and John are joined by Ashley to review some of the top independent comic titles of the decade and currently on shelves. They will be reviewing The Walking Dead, East of West, Velvet, The Bounce, Manifest Destiny, Black Science, Pretty Deadly, and much more! As always we'll be discussing various storylines, plots and how the books differ from their super hero competition.

Our next show will be September 30th

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Updated (07/18/2015)


New 52 Reviews!

You demanded it and we finally caved... Joe, Tom, and John are proud to introduce our first DC podcast as your three host try to make sense of the newly rebooted DC universe. Minor reviews paired with heavier discussion on storylines. The team will also be covering the current DC television shows Gotham, Flash, and Arrow!

Our next show will be available October 1st

Special Convergence episode!

Updated (3/31/2015)

A Valiant Effort!

Joe, Tom, and John make a valiant effort to review the newly restructured Valiant and their modern reinterpretation of the 90’s born superhero universe. If you love superhero comics, or are interested in a smaller more manageable comic book universe than maybe this podcast is for you.

Our next show will be September 14th!

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Updated (03/01/2015)

Modern Classics!

Joe, Tom, and John bring a different kind of show touching on classic storylines from the past decade that have defined the comic book medium for our time. This will probably be our most unique show with an defined format that will most likely change from show to show depending on what we are covering.

Our first Show will be ?

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Spot Light

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DC Comic’s Convergence will start on April 1st with Convergence Issue Zero. Convergence is going to be a multiverse crossover nine-part weekly event partaking in a two month span between April and May. What little we do know is that Brainiac has trapped forty cities from past and current timelines and worlds on a single planet and plans on allowing the folks from each of these misfortune pasts to meet. We have not been given a reason as to why Brainiac has done so but we are told that we will find out through this event. As Brainiac disappears, a new character, Telos, arises and unleashes these characters into a great conflict. Dan DiDio, a co-publisher of DC Comics, has stated that readers will see some past storylines finally get their endings resolved.

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Crime Syndicate

One of these stories has to do with Earth Three’s Crime Syndicate. This supervillain group consists of Ultraman, Superwoman, Owlman, Power Ring, and Johnny Quick, the counterparts to the Justice League from Earth Prime. In this first issue, the supervillains are trying to save Superwoman as she finds herself on death row. If this wasn't enough, the group will be battling the One Million Universe’s Batman and Superman!

Convergence: Cryme Syndicate #1 goes on sale April 29th. It is written by Brian Buccellato, with art done by Phil Windslade. There are two covers to this issue, the main one created by Windslade and a variant cover by Chip Kidd. It's 32 pages of a telling story that is sure to leave the reader wanting more. Ever wonder what happened to one of the most powerful super villain teams? Find out more in this first issue!

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"Convergence is an exciting time to jump into the DC Universe if you never read DC before. I personally am very excited to start our DC podcast off officially with this huge event!"

- Joe Talluto


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- Tom Meidanis

Convergence Article

"Looking to learn more about DC Comics Convergence? Click here and check out my article on! The official blogspot of