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Wednesday Comic Reviews

Joe, Tom, and John review Marvels new "Marvel Now" comic book titles and discuss whether or not it will attract new readers to comics and what else the comic book industry can do to become more main stream. They also discuss their thoughts on the new directions their favorite characters are being taken and the storylines being crafted by the current writers and artist.

Our next show will be available November 9

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Updated (08/07/2014)

Historical Comic Reviews

Joe, Tom, and John travel back through time to the 1960s; the decade in which the modern comic was birthed by Stan Lee. The cast will attempt to review Marvels mightiest heroes from their first appearance to their current incarnation today. They will also discuss how comics have changed over the years, the epic storylines of the past, and hopefully learn a great deal of marvel comic book lore along the way.

Our next show will be Oct 20th !

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Updated (10/12/2014)

Indy Comic Reviews

Joe, Tom, and John are joined by Ashley to review some of the top independent comic titles of the decade and currently on shelves. They will be reviewing The Walking Dead, East of West, Velvet, The Bounce, Manifest Destiny, Black Science, Pretty Deadly, and much more! As always we will be discussing various storylines, plots and how the books differ from their super hero competition.

Our next show will be October 31st

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Updated (10/01/2014)


DC Through The Ages!

You demanded it and we finally caved... Joe, Tom, and John are proud to introduce our first DC podcast, DC through the ages! We will be reading and reviewing some of the most famous and controversial runs from DC's long history. We also plan on going back to the 1930's and reading the epic origins of Super Man, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

Our first show will be available September 14th

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A Valiant Effort!

Joe, Tom, and John make a valiant effort to review the newly restructured Valiant INC. and their modern reinterpretation of the 90’s born superhero universe. If you love superhero comics, or are interested in a smaller more manageable comic book universe than maybe this podcast is for you.

Our first show will be September 21st!

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Manga Reviews

Joe, Tom, and Ashley are going Japanese! We plan on reading and reviewing some of the most famous and legendary manga's of all time. Will also be reviewing and discussing Anime and Japense film. If you are at all interested in Japanese culture then this is the podcast for you!


Our first Show will be September 30th

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Spot Light

Ashley, Tom, and Joe all give Rick Remender's new Deadly Class comic from Image a big thumbs up. This is clearly Rick's best work and it shines on every page. The concept, the art, and the story are top notch and each issue leaves you wanting more!

The Bad Apple

Kieron Gillen’s lack luster writing continues in Young Avengers and was clearly our bad apple of episode 15. We ended up dropping this comic from our show’s pull list and for good reason. The story is jumbled, the characters are under developed, and the overall feel of the first opening story arch for this comic felt extremely underwhelming. The only saving grace for this book is the excellent art by Mckelve and Norton. When came down to the vote however the art was not enough to keep us from all giving this comic 3 sets of thumbs down.


Indy Comic Reviews Episode 6

"Wait till we get to "cunny hair"and I'll tell you what my main issue about Manifest Destiny is."

- Ashley Aldridge

Wednesday Comic Book Reviews 16

"I think Donald Glover from community would have made an awesome Mile Morales Spider-Man. I really think Sony missed a big opportunity to seperate and stand out from the previous Spider-Man movie universe."

- Thomas Meidanis

Wednesday Comic Reviews Episode 16

"The Thunderbolts comic book is like a dead fish. It's not really good or really bad."